Our team.
Experts. Pioneers. Visionaries.

Our team of experts in pho­tonics drive the industrial pro­gress of quantum tech­no­logies. We are tech­no­lo­gical leaders who are pas­sionate about ever­ything Q.ANTum.

Dr. Michael Förtsch
Chief Executive Officer

The transfer of inno­vative tech­no­logies to mar­ketable pro­ducts has always been my passion. With the out­standing Q.ANTeam, I am paving the way for the technology of the 21st century.

Dr. Stefan Hengesbach
Chief Technology Officer

I have been suc­cessful in expanding the boundaries of pho­tonics and its com­mercial app­li­cation for more than ten years. With this passion and our highly qua­lified Q.ANTeam, I am driving quantum technology to the market.

Dr. Helge Hattermann
Product Director Quantum Sensors

I am excited that quantum technology is finally mature enough to enable real-world app­li­ca­tions. At Q.ANT, I am defining the next generation of ground­breaking sensors for everyday use.

Nicola Montaut
Product Manager

I am excited about the idea of estab­li­shing quantum solu­tions for everyday life. Q.ANT pro­vides me with the perfect envi­ronment for turning my passion for development into ground­breaking pro­ducts.

Dr. Eugen Ermantraut
Lead Development Engineer

Q.ANT pro­vides me with the oppor­tunity to engage with industrial quantum technology and to take an active part in shaping future deve­lop­ments in this ground­breaking field.

Benjamin Kentler
Lead Constructing Engineer

I am proud to make my per­sonal con­tri­bution to indus­tria­lising the future technology of the 21st century as part of a moti­vated and goal-oriented team.

Melanie Deskar
Manager Corporate Services

At Q.ANT, I expe­rience future technology and inno­vation every day. I enjoy being part of this highly talented team and being able to realize my expertise to best advantage.

Louise Hoppe
Master Student

My fasci­nation for pho­tonics quantum technology was awa­kened at uni­versity. Q.ANT enables me to follow this up and develop to stunning everyday app­li­ca­tions for com­mercial use.

Be a part of our inter­disciplinary team.

Make an active con­tri­bution in shaping the technology of the future. At Q.ANT, you will expe­rience passion, team spirit, pace and per­sonal respon­si­bility. In an inno­vative envi­ronment, we encourage you to pursue your freedom for visionary ideas. Be a member of the Q.ANTeam and shape the world of tomorrow with us.

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