Data Privacy Statement

Data Privacy Statement

Q.ANT GmbH, a member of the TRUMPF Group, thanks you for visiting our internet site and for your interest in our company and our pro­ducts and ser­vices. Protecting your per­sonal data while it is being pro­cessed is important to us during the entire business pro­cedure, and we want you to feel secure when visiting our internet sites.

In the fol­lowing, we will explain which infor­mation we collect on our web­sites during your visit and how that infor­mation will be used.

You can find our contact infor­mation in the imprint (legal notice).


Data Protection Coordinator

Our Data Protection Coordinator is available for any con­cerns you may have about the pro­tection of per­sonal data.

Please direct those con­cerns to the fol­lowing email address:


Personal data

Personal data” means all infor­mation which relates to an iden­tified or iden­ti­fiable natural person. This includes infor­mation such as your correct name, your address, your tele­phone number and your date of birth. Information which does not directly relate to your actual identity, such as your favorite web­sites or the number of site users, is not per­sonal data.


Your rights

Under sta­tutory regu­la­tions, you may demand that we provide you with infor­mation about your per­sonal data, or that we rectify, erase, or restrict the pro­cessing of those data. On request, we will provide you with your data in a struc­tured, common and machine-readable format. If we are using your data based on your consent, you may revoke that consent at any time. As soon as you do, we will no longer use your data for that purpose. If we have a legi­timate interest in pro­cessing your data, you may also contact us to object to such pro­cessing. In this case, we will stop pro­cessing your data unless we must con­tinue to store them due to com­pulsory reasons which override your interest in objecting, or unless the pro­cessing serves to pursue legal claims. If we are pro­cessing per­sonal data for direct mar­keting, you may object to such pro­cessing at any time without giving reasons. In this case, we will stop pro­cessing the data for direct mar­keting. Naturally, you may always contact the com­petent super­visory aut­ho­rities as well.


You will find sup­ple­mentary infor­mation in accordance with Art. 13 GDPR

  • for customers and end clients (including trade fair booths) here,
  • for app­li­cants here.


Erasure of data

As soon as your data are no longer needed for the afo­re­men­tioned pur­poses, including billing, they will be erased. Please be aware that when data are erased, they will be only blocked at first, then finally erased only after a certain amount of time has passed, to avoid erasing them acci­dentally or to avoid inten­tional damages. For tech­nical reasons, data will be dupli­cated in data backup files or through service mir­roring as appro­priate. Such copies will also be erased only after a certain time delay due to tech­nical reasons.


Using and for­warding per­sonal data

The per­sonal data you provide will be used by us only for a spe­cific purpose, such as to tech­ni­cally admi­nister the web­sites and to fulfil your requests and demands: nor­mally, the­refore, to execute the con­tract we have con­cluded with you or to answer your ques­tions.

Your per­sonal data will only be for­warded, sold or otherwise trans­mitted to third parties to the extent described in this privacy statement. Data is used within the TRUMPF Group or order pro­cessors are used for more effective management.


Visiting our website

Collecting and pro­cessing per­sonal data

Whenever our web­sites are visited, data will be collected in log files, and through search engines and forms. If you visit our web­sites, our web­server will per­man­ently store the fol­lowing as a standard pro­cedure for pur­poses of system security: the con­nection data for the inquiring com­puter; which of our web­sites you have visited; the data and duration of the visit; the reco­gnition data of the browser and ope­rating system used; and the website from which you visited us. Personal data beyond this, such as your name, address, tele­phone number or email address, will not be collected unless you provide that infor­mation vol­un­tarily during regis­tration, a survey or a contest, to execute a con­tract, or to request infor­mation. The stored data will be used to track any misuse on the web server and then erased. The time of the last login will also be used during the sales pitch, as per­mitted by law.

Use of cookies

We use session cookies on our web­sites, which place data in your browser’s memory for tech­nical session control. They will be erased when you close your browser at the latest. Cookies contain no per­sonal data and will become mea­ningless when you leave our web­sites. If you choose to have no cookies placed on your com­puter, you will still have access to a large part of our web­sites. However, under certain cir­cum­s­tances you may not be able to use some func­tions or areas of the page. We must also point out that browsers nor­mally have func­tions to manage cookies.


Google Analytics

We use the tool Google Analytics from Google (Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Irland).
Google Analytics works with text files which are stored on your device (cookies) to gain infor­mation about your website use.
Google uses this infor­mation on our behalf to provide us with eva­lua­tions of website use, reports about activities on the website, and other ser­vices.
The data the cookies collect about your website use is nor­mally trans­mitted to a Google server in the USA for ana­lysis and stored there. Those data will not be com­bined with other data about you which might have been stored in the Google database.

We also use the masking function “anonymizeIP.” This means your IP address will be trun­cated within the EU before it is trans­ferred to the Google server in the USA. Only in rare cases will the com­plete IP address be trans­mitted, then trun­cated on the servers in the USA.


You can prevent this pro­cessing by taking the fol­lowing mea­sures:
It is pos­sible to change your browser set­tings so that no cookies will be stored. However, this might mean that our website will not be fully func­tional.
You can also prevent the data collection by using a browser add-on from Google. You’ll find the add-on here:
As an alter­native to the browser add-on (perhaps if you use a smart­phone and tablets), you can prevent the data collection by Google Analytics by cli­cking here. This will place a cookie which will prevent data collection. If you revisit our website with another device or browser, or if you have deleted your cookies, you will need to place that cookie again.


You will find addi­tional infor­mation about data pro­tection with Google here



Q.ANT GmbH takes all necessary tech­nical and orga­ni­za­tional security mea­sures to protect your per­sonal data against loss and misuse. Therefore, your data will be stored in a secure ope­ra­tional envi­ronment which is not acces­sible to the public. If you wish to contact us by email, we must point out that we cannot gua­rantee the con­fi­den­tiality of the trans­mitted infor­mation. The content of email can be seen by third parties. Therefore, we recommend that you send us con­fi­dential infor­mation exclu­sively by post.


Orders in the online shop

We will use the data pro­vided while ordering from the online shop to execute the order, and then store those data in accordance with sta­tutory retention periods: ten years for tax pur­poses, for example. Furthermore, the TRUMPF Group will use the data for adver­tising pur­poses, if this is legally per­mitted without the data subject’s consent. You may object to such use at any time through the contact data given above.


Participation in lot­teries

By par­ti­ci­pating in lot­teries, the par­ti­cipant expressly agrees that TRUMPF will store the necessary data for the period of the lottery, and after that, to carry out the lottery. Participants also give their consent for their com­plete names to be published on the par­ti­ci­pating internet sites if they win. There is no claim to such publi­cation. The TRUMPF Group will also use the data collected for the lottery to advertise pro­ducts, exclu­sively as per­mitted by law. The data will not be for­warded to third parties.


Questions using the contact form

At various places in our website (under “Contact”), we give the visitor the option to ask us ques­tions relating to our pro­ducts. By cli­cking the button “Send,” you agree to have your data collected, pro­cessed and used. The data will be pro­cessed, stored and used to handle your request, and, for inquiries from the business envi­ronment (B2B), for adver­tising pur­poses, pro­vided this is per­mis­sible without consent. You may object to such use at any time through the contact data given above. After their requests have been handled, we delete con­sumers’ data.

Analysis by wiredminds

Our website uses a counting pixel technology pro­vided by wire­d­minds GmbH ( to analyze visitor behavior. If necessary, data is collected, pro­cessed

and stored, from which user pro­files are created under a pseudonym. Wherever pos­sible and rea­sonable, these usage pro­files are com­pletely anony­mized. Cookies can be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor’s Internet browser and serve to reco­gnize the Internet browser. The collected data, which may also contain per­sonal data, will be trans­mitted to wire­d­minds or collected directly by wire­d­minds. wire­d­minds may use infor­mation that is left by visiting the web­sites to create anony­mized usage pro­files. The data obtained without explicit consent of the affected person will not be used to per­so­nally identify the visitor of this website and will not be merged with per­sonal data of the bearer of the pseudonym. Whenever IP addresses are recorded, their imme­diate anony­mi­zation takes place by deleting the last number block.



Permission for data collection, pro­cessing and storage can be revoked at any time with effect for the future under the fol­lowing link.

Für die Bereitstellung und Funktionalität dieser Website nutzen wir Cookies. Wenn wir Cookies auch für weitere Zwecke nutzen dürfen, klicken Sie bitte auf Zustimmen. Informationen zum Deaktivieren von Cookies und Datenschutz.