Laser expert for ground­breaking quantum sensors

Because those who define the future need col­leagues who think ahead. And a cor­porate culture that not only demands inno­vation, but actively pro­motes it. At Q.ANT you will expe­rience passion, team spirit, speed and per­sonal respon­si­bility. Become part of the Q.ANTeam and shape the world of tomorrow with us.

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Your tasks
  • You are respon­sible for the design, modeling and expe­ri­mental qua­li­fi­cation of highly inno­vative minia­tu­rized laser sources for use in industrial quantum sensors based on diamond.
  • The development and con­struction of laser pro­to­types as well as their inte­gration is ensured by you in close coor­di­nation with our industrial partners.
  • You will be respon­sible for the imple­men­tation of the project, from the development of the design through tech­nical imple­men­tation to product maturity.
Your profile
  • You hold a suc­cess­fully com­pleted tech­nical degree in mecha­nical engi­neering, physics or a com­pa­rable degree with a focus on laser physics.
  • You can look on several years of pro­fes­sional expe­rience in the field of semi­con­ductor-based laser development.
  • You have a pro­found know­ledge of the basic tech­no­logies for narrow-band laser systems.
  • You are expe­ri­enced with industry-standard development software for the design of optical and mecha­nical designs.
  • You look forward to working effi­ci­ently and on your own respon­si­bility in an inter­disciplinary team.
  • You have the wil­lingness and pleasure to travel (inter-)nationally and to use your business English lan­guage skills.
  • You want to define the pho­tonic future with us.

Technological pro­gress is never the result of the mediocre – it is the result of expertise, vision and drive. Every indi­vidual brings the team one step further day by day – the­refore con­sistently advancing the pro­gress of industrial quantum technology.

As part of the TRUMPF Group

Q.ANT is your qua­lified partner for all aspects of pho­tonics and quantum technology.

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