Our first green laser module — green, powerful and low-noise

We have com­pleted our first light source, which was deve­loped dedi­cated to the requi­re­ments of new quantum sensors based on diamond NV-centers.
Precisely as planned in our BMBF-funded project MiLiQuant, we deli­vered the laser to our project partner BOSCH to com­plete the demons­trator.
The laser com­bines high intensity with simul­ta­ne­ously low inherent noise and the­refore enables to push NV-center based magne­to­meters towards higher sen­si­tivity.

The future is defined by the sharpest minds.

Our team works pas­sio­nately and hand-in-hand towards the imple­men­tation of cutting-edge pho­tonic solu­tions. We aim to build an inno­vative envi­ronment which nur­tures the freedom to pursue visionary ideas.

Be a part of our inter­disciplinary team and let’s write the future of industrial history tog­ether.

Quantum technology can do more.
And so can our team.
Laser expert (m/w/d) for quantum sensors

Major respon­si­bi­lities are the design, modeling and expe­ri­mental qua­li­fi­cation of highly inno­vative minia­tu­rized laser sources for use in industrial quantum sensors.

Student assi­stant (m/w/d) in the development and cha­rac­te­ri­zation of laser systems

You develop and simulate control cir­cuits of laser systems tog­ether with our team.

Electrical engineer (m/w/d) for quantum optical systems

Responsibilities development and imple­men­tation of novel analog and digital cir­cuits for use in industrial quantum sensors.

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