Optical waveguides by Q.ANT are now available.

Individually customized for your application.

Wave­gui­des are the cen­tral buil­ding block of opti­cal data pro­ces­sing. In addi­ti­on to app­li­ca­ti­ons in telecom­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, this technology is at the heart of a wide ran­ge of quantum technology app­li­ca­ti­ons, from quantum sen­sing and quantum com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on to quantum com­pu­ting.

Cus­to­mi­zed wave­gui­des enab­le the con­trol of light and quantum effects in a high­ly inte­gra­ted form. That’s why they are con­si­de­red the cen­tral buil­ding block for brin­ging quantum tech­no­lo­gies out of the labs and into ever­y­day products.

Q.ANT Waveguide offer a wide range of features

  • Lithi­um Nio­ba­te (LiN­bO3) Wave­gui­des (with and without Magnesium-Doping) 

  • Lithi­um Nio­ba­te direct­ly bond­ed on Iso­la­tor (LNoI on semi­con­duc­tor mate­ri­al SiO2 and Si) 

  • End facets in opti­cal quality 

  • Lar­ge opti­cal trans­mis­si­on window 

  • High opti­cal dama­ge threshold 

  • Cus­to­miz­ab­le perio­dic poling 

Technical details (Status quo)

  • Trans­mis­si­on ran­ge: 0.4 µm — 5 µm

  • Low pro­pa­ga­ti­on los­ses (< 0.3 dB/cm @ 1550 nm) 

  • Varia­ble wave­gui­de width: > 6µm

  • Tra­pe­zo­idal cross section

  • Poling peri­ods > 6µm

Technical specifications

  • Sui­ta­ble for wav­elengths from the visi­ble to the infra­red range

  • Tra­pe­zo­idal cross section

  • Non-linea­ri­ty and modu­la­ti­on capa­bi­li­ty due to lithi­um nio­ba­te and MgO-doping

  • Impro­ved effi­ci­en­cy of non-line­ar pro­ces­ses through perio­dic poling

  • High power sta­bi­li­ty in lar­ge spec­tral ran­ge (0.4 µm < λ < 5 µm) due to MgO-doping

  • Good long-term sta­bi­li­ty becau­se of LNoI 

Increasing the efficiency of non-linear processes through periodic poling

  • Exclu­si­ve­ly in high per­for­mance material

  • Indi­vi­du­al adjus­t­ment for lar­gest fre­quen­cy spec­trum
    (0.4µm < λ < 5µm):
    poling of smal­ler peri­ods (6µm) for visi­ble ran­ge and smal­ler peri­ods are in pre­pa­ra­ti­on (< 6µm) 

Q.ANT Waveguide for your application

We are very exci­ted to offer you our non­line­ar wave­gui­des. Due to con­trol­ling the com­ple­te pro­cess chain, our wave­gui­des can be offe­red in various con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons — cus­to­miz­ab­le poling peri­ods, cus­to­miz­ab­le wave­gui­de shapes and many more features. 

What’s next

  • Nar­rower wave­gui­de widths

  • Finer poling periods

  • Opti­cal cou­p­ler structures

  • Inte­gra­ted pha­se shif­ting devices 

  • Bon­d­ing to other sub­stra­te mate­ri­als

Do you have questions?

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