Q.ANT announced as Falling Walls Winner 

What an honor! The Fal­ling Walls Foun­da­ti­on announ­ced Q.ANT as one of 25 win­ners in the cate­go­ry of sci­ence start-ups of the Fal­ling Walls Ven­ture. Our visi­on to revolu­tionize Data Gene­ration and Data Pro­ces­sing using Quantum Technology con­vin­ced the inter­na­tio­nal jury. It’s our honor to be selec­ted out of 131 high class sub­mis­si­ons from 34 countries. 

Our CEO Micha­el Foertsch will pitch Q.ANT on 7. Novem­ber live on sta­ge for the Sci­ence Bre­akthrough of the Year 2022 in front of lea­ders from the worlds of sci­ence, busi­ness, poli­tics, the arts and society. 

What are the next walls to fall in sci­ence and socie­ty? With this ques­ti­on, the Fal­ling Walls Foun­da­ti­on recei­ves sub­mis­si­ons with ground­brea­king pro­jects from the world­wi­de sci­en­ti­fic com­mu­ni­ty for this pres­ti­gious award. The Fal­ling Walls Foun­da­ti­on is chan­ne­ling the ico­nic image of the crumb­ling Ber­lin Wall on the night of 9 Novem­ber 1989 to bring tog­e­ther tho­se who set out to tear down the next walls in sci­ence and society. 

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Q.<span class="caps">ANT</span> on-chip optical modulators successfully demonstrated

Q.ANT on-chip optical modulators successfully demonstrated

Q.ANT has accom­plis­hed the next mile­stone towards the development of its pho­to­nic quantum computer.

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Q.<span class="caps">ANT</span> awarded at Schwarzer Löwe

Q.ANT awarded at Schwarzer Löwe

Q.ANT was awar­ded second place at Schwar­zer Löwe in the Founder’s category.

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MiLiQuant project successfully finalized

MiLiQuant project successfully finalized

After three years of joint develop­ments, the publicly BMBF-fun­­­ded pro­ject MiLi­Quant — Minia­tu­ri­zed Light Sources for Quantum Technology — expired. 

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