Our Quantum Photonic Framework

Have you always wan­ted to know what the secret behind Q.ANT is? 

Exclu­si­ve­ly for the APS March Mee­ting we have ope­ned our doors and give you a first impres­si­on of our pro­duct roadmap. 
We are very hap­py to share insights behind our pro­duct develop­ments in the area of Par­ti­cle Sen­sing, Magne­tic Sen­sing, Ato­mic Gyro­scope and Pho­to­nic Quantum Com­pu­ting. And, how our Quantum Pho­to­nic Frame­work hel­ps turn this tech­no­lo­gies into mar­ket-dri­ven pro­ducts.

Enjoy watching 🙂


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<span class="caps">ACHEMA</span> 2022 <span class="caps">II</span>


Q.ANT opti­mi­zes Pro­cess Technology with the Worl­d’s first Par­ti­cle Sensor!

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Achema 2022

Achema 2022

The worl­d’s first quantum par­ti­cle sensor for pro­cess technology!

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Talking about Q.<span class="caps">ANT</span>…

Talking about Q.ANT

It’s not always we our­sel­ves that have gre­at sto­ries to share!

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