Quantum Architect (m/f/d)

As Quantum Archi­tect at Q.ANT, you will design new quantum archi­tec­tures based on our pho­to­nic quantum plat­form. You will com­pre­hend the quantum opti­cal princi­ples gover­ning our pho­to­nic hard­ware and devi­se ways to harness quantum advan­ta­ge. With our hard­ware experts, you deri­ve detail­ed system spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons that allow for manu­fac­tu­ring of the cor­re­spon­ding pho­to­nic chips. This final­ly puts us in the posi­ti­on to run quantum algo­rith­ms on the­se designs to tack­le industrial use cases. 

Loca­ti­on: Stuttgart 

A com­ple­te app­li­ca­ti­on con­sists of a cover let­ter (moti­va­ti­on, max. one page), a CV and your diplomas.

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Your tasks

  • Devi­se novel quantum archi­tec­tures that effec­tively explo­it the advan­ta­ges of our hard­ware platform 
  • Gain a com­ple­te under­stan­ding of the fun­da­men­tal quantum effects that govern the pho­to­nic quantum chip 
  • Pin­point to quantum advan­ta­ge effects that can be use­ful for prac­ti­cal application 
  • Defi­ne detail­ed spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons of the design 
  • Deve­lop quantum error miti­ga­ti­on and cor­rec­tion sche­mes on our pho­to­nic platform 
  • Stay curious and keep up to date with the exci­ting cur­rent techno­logical developments 

Your profile

  • Mas­ter or PhD degree in Phy­sics, Mathe­ma­tics, or rela­ted rele­vant field 
  • Expe­ri­ence in quantum optics, non-line­ar optics, and inte­gra­ted photonics 
  • Know­ledge of the dif­fe­rent quantum com­pu­ting approa­ches, quantum algo­rith­ms and hard­ware plat­forms, e.g. digi­tal, ana­log, quantum sam­pling, varia­tio­nal cir­cuits, adia­ba­tic, anne­aling or one-way/ measurement-based 
  • Pro­gramming skills in Python and expe­ri­ence with quantum pro­gramming languages 
  • Ana­ly­tic, crea­ti­ve, and team-oriented way of working in a dyna­mic start-up environment 
  • Flu­en­cy in Eng­lish, both writ­ten and spoken 

Your benefits

  • In our team-oriented working atmo­s­phe­re, you have fle­xi­ble opti­ons for working hours and can thus com­bi­ne your job and free time in the best pos­si­ble way. 
  • The inter­disciplinary team sup­ports you in your pro­fes­sio­nal and per­so­nal fur­ther education. 
  • Insight into the development of high-tech products. 

A com­ple­te app­li­ca­ti­on con­sists of a cover let­ter (moti­va­ti­on, max. one page), a CV and your diplomas.

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Weitere Jobs

Social Media / Web Content Manager (m/f/d)

Are you passionate about the digi­tal world and want to con­tri­bu­te to the growth of Q.ANT’s online footprint?

Expert (m/f/d) for integrated photonics and quantum measurements

As an expert for opti­cal quantum mea­su­re­ments you will be respon­si­ble for imple­men­ting and run­ning expe­ri­ments and cha­rac­te­riz­a­ti­on tools for dif­fe­rent clas­si­cal and non-clas­­si­­cal sta­tes of light. 

Photonic Microfabrication Engineer (m/f/d)

As our pho­to­nic micro­fa­b­ri­ca­ti­on engi­neer you will plan, deve­lop and imple­ment dif­fe­rent micro­fa­b­ri­ca­ti­on pro­ces­ses in clo­se col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with our part­ners. The clear goal is to deve­lop a micro­fa­b­ri­ca­ti­on pro­cess which can power our next genera­ti­ons of inte­gra­ted opti­cal quantum computers.