Procurement Manager (m/f/d) for hightech products

As a Pro­cu­re­ment Mana­ger, you will be respon­si­ble for the purcha­sing of high-tech photonics and elec­tro­nics as well as the manage­ment of the sup­ply chain and purcha­sing-rela­ted ERP tools. You will ensu­re the Quali­ty of the ent­i­re purcha­sing pro­cess inclu­ding ERP System. You will Anti­ci­pa­te mate­ri­al needs to find opti­mal sup­pliers and pri­ces for cut­ting-edge quantum sensors. You will deve­lop pro­cu­re­ment stra­te­gies, nego­tia­te frame-con­tracts and estab­lish appro­pria­te pro­ce­du­res for sourcing relia­bi­li­ty. Your Nosi­ness will dri­ve you to learn and under­stand the tech­ni­cal details of our quantum sensors and sup­ports the who­le team in deve­lo­ping pri­ce-opti­mi­zed quantum technology. Or in one simp­le phra­se: you will beco­me a real Q.ANTie.

Loca­ti­on: Stuttgart

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Your tasks

  • Tech­ni­cal and stra­te­gic purcha­sing of photonics and elec­tro­nics components 
  • Secu­ring sourcing relia­bi­li­ty (second-source-sup­plier stra­te­gies, frame-contracts) 
  • Nego­tia­ting pri­ces and frame-con­tracts with inter­na­tio­nal suppliers 
  • Estab­li­shing of purcha­sing-rela­ted ERP tools and mana­ging the mate­ri­al flows and sup­ply chain 
  • Tracking of orders, lead times and deliveries 
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­ting of purcha­sing sta­tus wit­hin dyna­mic pro­ject teams 

Your profile

  • Suc­cess­ful stu­dies in engi­nee­ring or industrial engi­nee­ring or a simi­lar field 
  • Several years of pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence in pro­cu­re­ment and sup­ply chain management 
  • Con­fi­dent uti­liz­a­ti­on of ERP tools (ide­al­ly Odoo) 
  • Inte­rest and curio­si­ty in high-tech pro­duct development 
  • Very good com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and nego­tia­ti­on skills 
  • Abo­ve-average sen­se of relia­bi­li­ty and con­sci­en­tious­ness as well as strong team­work skills 
  • Very good lan­guage skills in Ger­man and Eng­lish, both writ­ten and spoken 

Your benefits

  • In our team-oriented working atmo­s­phe­re, you have fle­xi­ble opti­ons for working hours and can thus com­bi­ne your job and free time in the best pos­si­ble way. 
  • The inter­disciplinary team sup­ports you in your pro­fes­sio­nal and per­so­nal fur­ther education. 
  • Insight into the development of high-tech products. 
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Weitere Jobs

Management Assistance (m/f/d)

You set the hig­hest stan­dards for the Qua­li­ty of your work, you Anti­ci­pa­te bot­t­len­ecks and work out appro­pria­te solu­ti­ons, you are Nosy and con­stant­ly loo­king for opti­miz­a­ti­ons in your dai­ly work and you feel most com­for­ta­ble as part of a strong Team. 

Mechanical Engineer (m/f/d)

As a mecha­ni­cal engi­neer, you will be respon­si­ble for the design and con­struc­tion of com­pon­ents for quantum-sen­­sing and quantum-com­­pu­­ta­­ti­on app­li­ca­ti­ons in strong col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with our development teams.

IP Manager (m/f/d)

As Q.ANT IP Mana­ger, you will ensu­re the Qua­li­ty of our patent app­li­ca­ti­ons and Anti­ci­pa­te stra­te­gic expan­si­on of the patent portfolio.