Electrical Engineer (m/f/d) for mixed signal circuits

Being an elec­trical engi­neer, you are play­ing a key role in the development of quantum sensors. You are respon­si­ble for the design of ana­log and digi­tal cir­cuits nee­ded for the ope­ra­ti­on of lasers and the read-out of pho­to detec­tors. You are invol­ved in the com­ple­te development cycle star­ting from the idea all the way to seri­al pro­duc­tion. You are curious and would like to actively par­ti­ci­pa­te in the pro­duc­tion of future-oriented technology? App­ly now and beco­me a real Q.ANTie. We are loo­king for­ward to your application! 

Loca­ti­on: Stuttgart

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Your tasks

  • Design low noi­se ana­log circuits 
  • Design cir­cuits inclu­ding DA and AD con­ver­ter and digi­tal pro­ces­sing com­pon­ents such as microcontrollers 
  • Design embed­ded software 
  • Deve­lop effi­ci­ent and low noi­se power sup­plies, laser dri­vers and photodetectors 
  • Dimen­si­on data inter­faces of high bandwidth 
  • Crea­te manu­fac­tu­ring data such as cir­cuit dia­grams, PCB lay­outs und bills of material 
  • Assem­ble, bring-up and veri­fy the circuits 
  • Assist with elec­trical issu­es ari­sing in quantum-techno­logical experiments 

Your profile

  • Gra­dua­ted in a techno­logical field such as elec­trical engi­nee­ring or a com­pa­ra­ble field, mini­mum Bachelor 
  • Several years of expe­ri­ence in mixed signal cir­cuits, embed­ded systems or optoelectronics 
  • Advan­ced know­ledge in the under­ly­ing tech­no­lo­gies for pho­to­de­tec­tors, cur­rent sources and con­trol systems 
  • Expe­ri­ence with com­mon development envi­ron­ments, ide­al­ly Auto­desk Fusi­on 360 
  • Basic know­ledge of FPGA, VHDL and logic design is advantageous 
  • Abi­li­ty to work respon­si­b­ly in an inter­disciplinary team 
  • Fast and effi­ci­ent working style 

Your benefits

  • In our team-oriented working atmo­s­phe­re, you have fle­xi­ble opti­ons for working hours and can thus com­bi­ne your job and free time in the best pos­si­ble way. 
  • The inter­disciplinary team sup­ports you in your pro­fes­sio­nal and per­so­nal fur­ther education. 
  • Insight into the development of high-tech products. 
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