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The Q.ANTum Mission

To rea­li­ze our visi­on we foun­ded Q.ANT in 2018. We deve­lop novel sensors and pho­to­nic com­pu­ting chips based on our Quantum Pho­to­nic Frame­work. Light is an essen­ti­al resour­ce for explo­i­t­ing the poten­ti­al of quantum tech­no­lo­gies. At Q.ANT, pho­to­nic quantum technology is there­fore at the cen­ter of pro­duct developments. 

The Q.ANTum Values

Our Q.ANT values stand for our work. We aim for the best QUALITY both in our pro­ducts and in our dai­ly work results. Through our know­ledge and ima­gi­na­ti­on, we ANTICIPATE what will be important for us and our cus­to­mers tomor­row. Due to our natu­ral urge for NOVELTY, we see the sta­tus quo as a laun­ching pad for impro­ve­ment. And, we have inter­na­li­zed that gre­at things are always crea­ted as a TEAM.

Culture and Benefits


Star­ted in Stutt­gart Vai­hin­gen we have recent­ly dou­bled the space for admi­nis­tra­ti­on, labo­ra­to­ries and pro­duc­tion. Ide­al­ly loca­ted for con­nec­tions with public trans­port and near to the auto­bahn, the per­fect hub for the next quantum leap.


Our development space con­tains our own pro­duc­tion site and 8 sta­te-of-the-art labo­ra­to­ries, that meet the hig­hest industrial safe­ty stan­dards. This gives us the pos­si­bi­li­ty to test ide­as and deve­lop them con­ti­nuous­ly without losing time. This allows the development pro­cess to be more dyna­mic and effi­ci­ent during our projects.


We are a gro­wing team and always loo­king for new talents and pro­fes­sio­nals who want to streng­t­hen our team and take the next step into the quantum age with us.

Women’s Quota

The para­digm of the male-domi­na­ted technology indus­try is a thing of the past. Every QAN­Tie, as part of the team, has the oppor­tu­ni­ty to ele­va­te quantum tech­no­lo­gies to a new level. Accord­ing to our value cul­tu­re, this hap­pens inde­pendent­ly of gen­der or any other ste­reo­ty­pi­cal characteristic.